June 13, 2024

What is IPL Betting ID and How To Get It? 

IPL Betting ID


The online IPL ID is a great way of betting on various online platforms. Online ID betting is a ticket to deal with various online sports and games. The online betting ID includes various incentives and offers. Here top online bookmakers will be there who help the players with further predictions.

The IPL Betting ID refers to the Indian Premier League. The IPL Betting ID or the complete Indian Premier League processes are being regulated by the BCCI, which refers to the Board of Control for Cricket in India. This BCCI is known to be the largest sports league authority in the whole of the world.

Basically, the BCCI is an authority that regulates and ensures that proper cricket and other online betting is done. It ensures complete transparency and also the complete security.

Platforms for getting online IPL betting ID

Here are some of the major Platforms for getting online IPL betting ID. Have a look at the same.

1. Mega Paari

It will give you great welcome bonuses of up to 17,000 INR for sign-up betting. You just have to deposit a minimum amount of 90 INR and can get the wonderful bonuses.

2. Pari Match

It will give you a chance to play in the World Cup. Here the welcome bonuses are of up to INR 30,000 for the signing up betting. You can also register over this platform with the welcome bonuses of almost 150% as well.

3. Diamond Exchange 247

Here on the Diamond Exchange 247 online betting platform, you can get welcome bonuses of up to 30,000 INR. This is almost 100% of the betting amount and along with the same, you can also get a free bet of 1,000 INR.

4. 2 2 bet

There is a welcome bonus for players on this platform for up to INR 11,000. It is almost the 100% deposit and cashback of the betting amount of the players.

5. Met Bet

There is a proper welcome bonus of INR 20,000. This welcome bonus is being offered to the people for sign up for the bet. The minimum deposit amount is approx. 75 INR and you can get 100% of the bonus on the complete betting amount.

6. Bet Winner

You will be getting an online welcome bonus of up to 8,000 INR sign-up betting amount. The minimum amount of the deposits is only 75 INR, which is 100% cashback that is up to 8,000 INR.

7. 4 RA Bet

There is a welcome bonus of 60,000 INR to the players. You can get up to 600% of the bonus on the platform, which will be a motivational factor for the players to play and do good.

8. 1 x Bet

There is a welcome offer of almost INR 20,000. It is almost 100% of the invested betting amount. There is no minimum deposit on the platform.

9. Dafa bet

Now in this, there is almost 16,000 INR of the offer. The minimum deposit of the platform is known to be approx. 1,000 INR and with this you can earn up to 170% of the signup bonus, which is almost 16,000 INR.

10. Bet Tilt

The welcome bonus on Bet Tilt is approx. 60,000 INR. This is known as the Monster Bonus of the platform. It is an amazing package that a person can enjoy the monster bonus of 450% which is up to 60,000 INR.

11. Dito Bet

Dito Bet will give the players the best offer of almost 15,000 INR. it is considered to be almost 100% of the invested amount of the first deposit of the player.

12. Rabona Betting

Rabona betting offers people and players a welcome bonus of approx. 8,000 INR, which is almost up to 100% of the first invested amount of the player on the platform. However, the minimum deposit amount of the platform is 500 INR.

13. The Fun 88 

The Fun 88 is another very famous and reliable platform for players to get an IPL ID and play. You can get a welcome bonus of almost 15,000 INR. You can earn almost up to 200% of the betting amount on the platform.

14. Casumo Sports Betting

On the Casumo sports Betting platform, you can get a welcome bonus offer of INR 10,000. Where you have to invest a minimum amount of 700 INR and you can get a cashback offer of almost 100% on the same.

Getting an IPL Betting ID

You can get an IPL Betting ID very easily these days. You have to create an account on any of the above-mentioned platforms and request an IPL Betting ID.

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