June 13, 2024

Teen Patti game has recently gained immense popularity in the country and is played by millions of people across the globe. This game was originated in India. It is also commonly known as the Flush game. The 3 Patti game was soft-soaped by the English casino games such as 3 card brag, poker, etc.

The game is very simple to play and understand. It is being played in social gatherings and festivals also in India. It can be played on online platforms through mobile apps, or websites. The game is liked by people as it is full of enjoyment and thrill.

 The Teen Patti game

●     3 Patti game is inspired by a poker game.

●     It is played with 6 players (each player will have 3 cards)

●     It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards (doesn’t include Joker)

●     The major motive is to get the highest ranking among all the players with the best 3 cards in the deck.

●     The player having high-value cards will win the game.

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 Common terms used in 3 Patti casino game

1. Boot

It is known as the entry fee for the game. It is the starting point of the game.

2. Post

It is a compulsory contribution made by the players, which is the bare minimum to play the 3 Patti game.

3. Stake Amount

It is known as the amount that a blind player makes while the turn of the next player is.

4. Blind Player

The player who decides to play blindly, which means without seeing the cards.

5. Seen Player

The player who viewed his cards before placing the bets in the 3 Patti casino game

6. Call and Raise

The bets placed in the game.

7. Sideshow

The request is made to compare the cards of the previous players.

8. Showdown

When the winner of the game reveals his cards.

9. Patti hands

These are the consecutive cards of any suit, or same rank cards, or same suit cards.

10. No Limit

In this, players can bet up to any amount.

The hands of 3 Patti game

1. Trail trio

3 cards of the same suit or number such as 4,4,4

2. Straight flush

3 cards with consecutive numbers of the same suit such as 6,7,8 of queen.

3. Sequence

The consecutive cards are of different suits such as 5,6,7 of heart, ace, and queen.

Probability of winning in 3 Patti

Here is the card-wise probability of winning

●     Trail Trio has a 0.24% probability of winning

●     Pure Sequence has a 0.22% probability of winning

●     Sequence or Straight has a 3.26% probability of winning

●    Color or Flush has a 4.96% probability of winning

●     The Pair has a 16.94% probability of winning

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