1. Introduction

These terms form part of the Website Terms of Use. The Rules apply to all bets placed on this online betting site (the "Site"). The rules include the following:

General Rules:

The general rules apply to all bets unless otherwise stated in the game rules. In the event of any conflict between the General Game Rules and the applicable Rules, the General Game Rules shall prevail.


The customer must understand all the rules that apply to all the markets they wish to bet on.


Users of the click-to-betting system are responsible for their own actions and the website is not responsible to these customers for any mistakes they make while using the system.

SECTION B. General Rules

Unmanageable problems and poor network management. This website accepts no liability for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of: natural disasters; Electrical error; commercial or labour disputes; the act, default or omission of any other government or agency; disruption or failure of communication quality; or other delays or failures caused by third parties or outside of us. In such circumstances, the Website reserves the right to cancel or suspend access to the Website without liability.
The Website is not responsible for any hardware or software failure, whether or not under its direct control, whether installed or used, that could affect the functionality of the Website.
If the customer discovers a technical error or error, he must immediately report the error/error to the website. If the customer continues to play in such a situation, he must take appropriate measures to reduce possible losses. If there is no such function, the site has the right to cancel the bet.
The Website reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate access to the Website, withhold funds or cancel special bets on customer accounts if there is a technical error or other malfunction affecting the reliability of the Website or its content. are directly or indirectly under your control. The customer will be informed on the website of any restrictions that may prevent the placing of new bets or lead to the cancellation of bets.